Populär Astronomi – 2020

Populär Astronomi, with my comet photo.

The image that got its own whole page is my comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) stack I took this summer when it was visible over my hometown.

Despite the skies being bright and had lots of light pollution that complicated the shot I kept shooting 462 shots of the comet, 100 images until I turned the ball head’s pan a few mm towards right (East) so the comet end up being on the left side of the frame, moving slowly towards right hand end of the frame, and I did this 4 times until the last shots were only 62 images before the clouds covered the comet.

Had trouble stacking the images because my camera is still brand new with its file system and not so many softwares recognizes them as RAW files.
Experimented with several different softwares but none was able to get it right, until AstroPixelProcessor came out with a Beta update with comet stacking.
I just had to test it, and apparently this was the only software that was able to stack all the 462 images correctly and give me a fine result, which I then edited slightly in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Months went by and all of sudden I get a message from Robert, head director of Populär Astronomi (Popular Astronomy), on messenger asking if I am willing to show my comet picture in their magazine.
Didn’t hesitate so I sent them the picture and waited few weeks to get the magazine with the results. Time went by and I got 3 magazines in the mailbox.

I need to buy a frame large enough to cover the front end of the magazine on one side and the comet picture on the other side and hang it up on the wall.

Who knows what the future holds for me from now on…

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