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William Optics Redcat 51/250mm f/4.9 OTA + Nikon Z6 + Skywatcher Star Adventurer Pro

A few weeks ago I ordered a brand new tracker from FLO, the Skywatcher Star Adventurer Pro, so I could do both tracking of stars, galaxies, nebulas etc as well as timelapse with movement.

Then I ordered a William Optics Redcat 51/250mm f/4.9 OTA from Astroshop because this telescope is the best wide-view model out there for the money as it’s supersharp and clean from corner to corner.

Had to order a T2-ring to be able to mount my camera to the telescope, so I picked a William Optics M48/T2-ring for Nikon F bayonet. Even this was ordered from Astroshop for a small amount of money.

You can see the M31 Andromeda image in my Astroscape Gallery which was taken with this combination. It’s made of 5 x 90 sec ISO 1600 subs, stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop CC 2020.
I’d need a lot more of data than just 5 subs of it to gain more details, but for being an image made out of 5 subs is quite impressive.

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