5 year tribute

Aurora Borealis corona (crown) March 17th-18th 2015

5 years ago we had a Kp index 8, or G4 solar storm, flashing above us here in Europe, and it’s exactly 5 years to date since this event happened, March 17th-18th 2015. An Aurora no one has ever seen before and I was lucky to have both a camera and be outside those nights shooting it all.

This tribute print measures 80×100 cm, Dibond with a frame, and has a price tag of 5000 SEK incl VAT and shipping and will be limited to only 10 prints. If you’re keen to get one for yourself, to your office or give it as a gift, don’t hesitate to contact me about it and we can arrange an order of it. The terms are the same as with the other prints, payment in advance, no withdrawal and no refund.

The prints will be numbered and signed in the print’s lower left corner.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get your very own crown jewel hanging on the wall.

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