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Ordered a new sturdier tripod for my wildlife photography sessions

I felt a need to get a new tripod for my wildlife photography sessions, something that’s more sturdy and stands against the strong winds which we have up here in the Nordics time to time.
It’s quite a thick tripod to be honest. A stunning 1.45 inches or 36 mm on the upper legs and measures 71 inches or 180 cm, with the center column retracted, when standing all the way up. The tripod also comes with two (2) settings of column; one which is longer and one which is shorter. The shorter version is good for us photographers if we want to photograph from a lower perspective, otherwise the column would be standing on the ground and block our chances of getting those really low angles. The maximum payload capacity is 44.1 lbs or 20 kg and the tripod itself weighs 6.83 lbs or 3.1 kg.

For the price of ~250 USD or 1988 SEK as I paid for it from it’s amazing how much of good quality you actually get for that price rather than spending hundreds of USD or thousands of SEK more.

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