Syrp Genie Tracking Starter Kit

Dreaming of getting a Syrp Genie Tracking Starter Kit so I can expand my timelapse with some linear movement, perhaps if I could afford to get a Genie Mini II for panning movements as well.

Some day, in the future, I might even get myself a 2-axis Pan/Tilt, and it would be a 3-axis with the slider, and perhaps a longer slider. But that’s in the future, first I would appreciate if I could afford this simple machinery.

Reason why I would like to get myself a Tracking device is because this would make my videos more alive rather than flat and static. Static video is boring, you want that feeling of being out there and moving along with the enviroment while the sky changes itself.
It doesn’t matter if I shoot clouds, Milky Way or Auroras, this would make things better and I might be able to create a full length video some day of all the material collected.

You don’t have to specifically do just timelapse with these sliders, you could also video record i.e nature or what so ever. Timelapse is mostly for stop motion videos of long exposure content such as the Milky Way and Aurora. In a short term, night time photography.

There was a time when I thought I could build my own motion controller, but that time has passed and I’m just dreaming away for a proper one…

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