SAAF – Telescopium – 2021

I finally managed to write down everything I could about the test results of the camera and what I captured that day, and I came across SAAF (Svensk AmatörAstronomisk Förening) who were interested of publishing my review. I could never believe I was this lucky to have someone publishing something that I’ve written.

The office behind the magazine helped me fix my < 20 page long text to only 2 pages, with images. I didn’t mind that to be honest because this was the first time I was publishing something and I didn’t know how to actually write a review of something.

The magazine was published in December 2021 and is available digitally on their website, although it requires subscription to gain access to the specific issue since they have more issues available in the archives.

This opportunity with Telescopium opened new possibilities for me in the future to come…

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