Player One Neptune-M (IMX178)

In late August I participated in a contest on Player One Astronomy‘s facebook page, in hope to win a camera from the company. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance against the professional astrophotographers out there, but, I managed to get in touch with the company CEO and he sent me a camera for testing and review purpose, which I also could keep when I was all done with my work with it.

Said and done, I got my camera after a while’s wait, around mid-September, and headed out to a fellow astrophotographer downtown in Stockholm in late October.

We tried the camera on his LUNT solar systems LS60THa/B1200+DS50THa, in other words his Hydrogen-alpha solar telescope (LS60THa) with a certain blocking filter (B1200) and a Hydrogen-alpha double-stack filter (DS50THa) on top of all that. There wasn’t much time for us to capture some data of the sun that day so we were in a kind of a hurry.

The camera, Neptune-M, which I got from the company, did its job very well and we got good data to work with.
Since this was very new to me, I didn’t know how to proceed with it. How to process all of this and what to do next. So I started to google and found some tutorials online on ‘how to’ process the video recording and after a while I managed to get a hang of it.
In the Astronomy page you can see two results of the sun I captured that day, called Sun w. AR2882 (quick edit) and Sun w. sunspot AR2882 (detailed edit).

After all this, I started to write my review of the product and my test results.

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