Unboxing “Green Lantern”

Today one of my dear friends at Mångkulturellt centrum (Multicultural center) received their very own copy of the “Green Lantern”.
Went there to unbox it and they got stunned of all the details the print has of my hometown with the Northern lights above it.

Mångkulturellt centrum is located in the neighbor town next to mine, a 5 minute car ride or one metro station away towards downtown.

The CEO, Leif Magnusson, had hard time to decide where to place the print, so he started to ask his co-workers if any of them could help finding a good spot for it, to advertise my work of photography and help me get more audience.

Now all I have to do is to send them the bill and a short bio of me and my photography work with description of the picture, which sounds easier than it is since I hate writing about myself.

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