LUNT solar systems LS50THa/B600

I recently got a LUNT solar systems LS50THa/B600 solar telescope and I must say, this telescope is a beast although I had lots of trouble with it in the first place. I had to get into solar photography because I got so fascinated after my review of the camera from Player One.

Like I said, had lots of trouble with it first. Couldn’t get any kind of focus with it, no matter what I did. Thought I had to get an expensive focuser to gain focus, but after quite some struggle I managed to get in touch with a fellow colleague on AstroBin forums who told me to get a 21 mm adapter and replace the eyepiece tube with it.
Tried the solution and it actually helped, a lot. I managed to get focus with the telescope, for the first time.

And that day, I captured my very own ‘First light’ of our very own sun and managed to get lots of details from the surface as well as prominences around the disc. See the latest image in Astronomy gallery named ‘First Light’ with Lunt LS50THa/B600.

More to come with this magnificent telescope of mine…

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